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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
What is the objective of the MyEHS System?
The objective of the MyEHS System is to establish MyEHS Register for further analysis and risk management.
What are the scopes covered by the MyEHS System?
1. The MyEHS System covers all substances that are not covered by other notification or registration system in Malaysia and fulfilling the criteria for classification according to the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

2. Other EHS subtances that are considered substances of concern due to properties not covered by the GHS classification scheme.

3. The notification requirement does not apply to substances for which information is already submitted to a Government agency in Malaysia as mandated by other legislations such as:

  • Poison Act 1952
  • Pesticides Act 1974
  • Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984
  • Chemical Weapon Convention Act 2005
Is the MyEHS System mandatory or voluntary for industry to notify?
Currently the MyEHS System is on voluntary basis.
When will the MyEHS System become mandatory?
The MyEHS System will become mandatory as soon as the draft regulations on EHS is gazetted.
When is the draft regulations on EHS expected to be gazetted?
The draft regulation on EHS is expected to be gazetted soon and the information will be published on the DOE website.
Who shall notify in the MyEHS System?
The importers and the manufacturers of EHS in Malaysia shall notify in the MyEHS System. This company shall have valid ROC company registration number before can proceed for MyEHS System registration.
What is external notification?
External Notification is to allow the submission from the overseas suppliers (third party) due to the Confidential Business Information (CBI). Locally registered companies register their overseas suppliers in the system in case that the substances are classified as confidential by the overseas suppliers. This is only applicable to substances that require detailed notification.
How long does it take to approve the company registration in the MyEHS System?
  Five (5) working days.
Forgot you Username and/or Password to log into the MyEHS System?
Please go to the MyEHS System (by clicking on MyEHS Login button from the main page) and click on Forgot Password to retrieve your Username and Password.